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The hi-H Program brings major telecom service providers together to enhance service quality and advance telecom technology under three major cooperation areas: Mobile, Data and Innovative Telecom Technology

Members work together to strengthen each other’s business strategy, collaborate on development initiatives and participate in workshops to communicate new ideas. The objectives of each working group are as follows:

Our Working Groups



To enable global operators to join forces in solving tomorrow’s problems while enriching today’s services; to facilitate cooperation and sharing among major providers; to equip each member to be at the forefront of the next-generation mobile network; to lead the way in enhancing end-users’ digital experiences around the world



To help global network and international data center providers adapt to future market needs; to educate member companies on new developments in cybersecurity and equip them to navigate complex cross-border regulatory environments; to share experiences and align on business strategies for a connected future


Innovation Telecom Technology

To empower members to share, learn and benefit from each other’s experiences and expertise in cutting-edge innovations; to strengthen each member’s competitive edge by adapting business models to welcome the new era of constant innovation; to collaborate on setting best practices that shape and enhance the future of the industry; to spearhead innovation throughout the connected ecosystem