2018-06-26 | Shanghai

hi-H Program addressed issues on China Cybersecurity Law and 5G Planning in MWC Shanghai

Hand in Hand Program (hi-H program) successfully held two workshops during MWC Shanghai. The two workshops were conducted respectively in the fields of mobile and data business. Over 100 guests from 45 global operators participated in these workshops, 10 guest speakers from 4 leading members and 2 professional organizations delivered their competent insights on the topic of 5G planning, China Cybersecurity Law together with Network transformation in China, which attracted heated discussions after the event.

China Cybersecurity

This year, hi-H Program and CMI co-hosted the data workshop in Shanghai. As China’s Cybersecurity Law comes into force, China Mobile looks to effectively meet Carrier’s capacity needs between China and the rest of the world. That drives us to bring our network operators members and CMI's partners together, to share the current layout of the regulations and jointly plan for the future challenge.

Dr. Li Feng, the Chairmen & CEO of CMI delivered a welcome speech at the beginning of Data working group workshop, he addressed the challenges from the newly enforced China Cybersecurity Law and analyzed the opportunities we have in the coming future with the uncertainties. “We have to think about the future development of the telecom industry in China. Under the new laws and regulations, how can we provide customers with high quality, reliable and legit network solutions? We are facing a lot of uncertainties in the current stage, but it also contains opportunities”, said Dr. Li Feng. “In terms of the current telecom market in China, it is extremely important to choose the right and reliable partners, no matter for network service providers or enterprises.”

In the workshop, Mr. Hu Haibo, a specialist from CAICT, has given a comprehensive presentation of China fundamental cybersecurity law as well as the development of cross-border data communications policy. Three aspects have been analyzed and discussed, including the development and impact of the China Cybersecurity Law; existing regulator laws, policies and regulations for cross-border data communication; and compliance requirements and recommendations. Mr. Hu addressed and elaborated the confine of cross-border data communication compliance, which is significant for operators in dealing with cross-border data business. We also have Mr. Ren Lei, Deputy, Head of Network Planning and Mr. Frankie Ching, Project Management of CMI, introduced the topic of Network Transformation in China and China Connect project. As an operator with full telecoms license and superior infrastructure, CMI develops China Connect, the carrier solution for China market which will allow carriers and customers to seamlessly connect to different data environment while using a flexible, cost-effective, high performing and most important legit platform in China.

Focus on Roaming Quality

In the first section of the Mobile workshop, testing results and customer experience of roaming quality were presented by CMI and DT. Meanwhile, the topic of VoLTE roaming implementation and 5G roaming were introduced by AT&T. About roaming quality, Mr. Johannes Opitz, Vice President of Commercial Roaming and Mobile Wholesale of DT, mentioned, “we have to address for the differentiators, one differentiator definitely is the customer experience, so we have to ensure dependable connectivity wherever they are, and make sure they get the best services, like they are at home.” The first Roaming Quality Enhancement Workshop was held in 2017, aims to improve customer roaming experience through regular testing. Participants have been testing voice, data & SMS service since last September and we have successfully improved customer experience. Last VoLTE workshop was also held in 2017. With follow-up and regular information exchange, we are trying to accelerate VoLTE roaming from implementation, testing to commercial service launch through standardization of necessary information exchange among participants, respectively.

Get ready for 5G

The second half of mobile workshop focuses on the discussion of 5G development and planning. Guest speaker from Gartner gave an online sharing on the topic of 'Get Ready for 5G' focus on the survey of 5G development, while Mr. Huang Jinri and Mr. Li Wenzhi from CMRI and CMDC, delivered their expertise respectively on the topic of China Mobile 5G Planning, O-RAN and 5G enabled Devices in the Making. As the last guest speakers of the workshop, Mr. Atsunori Kubota had shared Docomo’s 5G strategies, which has brought the discussion of 5G down to the ground. Mr. Li Wenzhi, Senior Telecommunication Technology Manager of CMDC addressed that 5G would speed up the transboundary integration of traditional communication industry and vertical industry. Confronted with future market opportunities, 5G will be the main driver.

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