2022-09-18 |

hi-H Program Mobile Workshop:
Unlock the Potentials: 5G Monetization

On September 18th 2022, Hand-in-Hand Program returns for a face-to-face mobile workshop with the theme of “Unlock the Potentials: 5G Monetization”. This time we flew outside of Asia and our workshop in Cape Town, South Africa.  We are thrilled to have speakers from CMCC, Telia, Vodacom to share their digital experiences with our members.

Kicking off our workshop with Mr. Kevin Chan, Deputy Head of Carrier Business from China Mobile International provides an update on hi-H Program and shared what hi-H Program accomplished during the pandemic period. Following that, Mr. William Wei, Project Manager Strategic Planning and Development from China Mobile shared the new positioning and business layout for the future on “5G+Computing Force Network+Ability as Service-Based” with New Information Services System of “Connectivity, Computing Force and Ability”.  Then, Mr. Lester Chan, Manager of Mobile Business Partnership from China Mobile International shared the potentials on IoT Connectivity where he found the importance of reconnect after post pandemic.

Kevin Chan, China Mobile International – Update on Hi-H Program

William Wei, China Mobile – Build a New Information Services System, Jointly Create a New World of Digital Space

Lester Chan, China Mobile International – Unlock the Value and Monetization of IoT Connectivity

Second part, we have Mr. Thomas Moe, Head of International Wholesale from Telia shared their digital transformation strategy. At last, Malcolm Subramony, Executive Head of IoT Development and Delivery from Vodacom shared the Enablement of 5G IoT and the strategy on 5G IoT.

Thomas Moe, Telia Company - Transformation Meets Regulations and Society Digitalization

Malcolm Subramony, Vodacom – Enable the Potential 5G IoT

It’s great to see our hi-H members again in person and without all your participation, it won’t be as successful!

Thanks for all the support and we hope to see you all shortly.

About Hand-in-Hand Program:

Established in 2015 by China Mobile International, the Hand-in-Hand Program (“hi-H Program”) is a global partnership initiative which brings together various organizations from across the telecoms sector under the shared vision of providing seamless, borderless products and services worldwide. By gathering major players from different sectors together, hi-H combines strengths from across the industry to enhance each member’s ability to overcome challenges and adapt to industry changes.

About China Mobile International Limited:

China Mobile International Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile, the world’s largest telecommunications operator in terms of network scale, customer base and market value. Leveraging the strong support by China Mobile, CMI provides a full range of comprehensive international telecommunications services iConnect including voice, SMS, Mobile and Data services, and all-encompassing carrier solution China Connect. CMI aims to bring customers with seamless, carefree, borderless digital life. For more information, please visit