2022-05-01 |

Our Hi-H Members Completed And Exceed Our Goal At Global CCO-Lympics

Throughout two month’s journey, we transformed our time and sweat to travelled 23 locations to reconnect with our members virtually. Together, we accomplished 35,873km which exceed our original goal of 34,109km.

Memorable Experience with You

As a community, we have achieved something impressive together! Here is the video wrapped up our journey during the Global CCO-lympics. We hope you all enjoyed!

Kudos to all Global CCO-lympians

Let's applaud our outstanding athletes and teams in the challenge.

Continue our Fitness Journey Together

It is not the end of our fitness journey! You are welcome to join hi-H Fitness Club on Strava, where we will continue to work out and stay connected with hi-H members.

Once again, thank you members and we shall meet soon!