2020-06-29 | Webinar

Hi-H First Online Webinar – 5G+IoT in June 2020

Hi-H First Online Webinar – 5G+IoT in June 2020

On 29 June, CMI’s Hand in Hand Program (hi-H Program) successfully hosted its first 5G+IoT workshop online.  The topic of this workshop was 5G development and opportunities for IoT (Internet of Things), with a focus on 5G progress and 5G global roaming developments, as well case studies and evolution of the IoT ecosystem for telcos. A 2-hour live event was hosted in Hong Kong with speakers from CMI, joined by online speakers from Orange, Telstra, Omdia (formerly Ovum) and CMRI (China Mobile Research Institution). Updates and insights on the topic of 5G roaming as well as 5G+IoT were fully covered, with time for Q&A with the audience as well. This event was joined by over 150 guests from 19 member organizations from across the world.

Dr. Li Feng, Chairman and CEO of CMI joined this event and gave an opening speech: “we can view this current situation as a chance for 5G to prove its potential, as we have seen recently with IoT-enabled automation lifting some of the burden on our frontline healthcare workers. Every industry under the sun will soon feel the impact of 5G. With commercial 5G reaching a global tipping point, 2020 is a landmark year for telcos to go global and seize new opportunities”.

Our opening presenter Mr. Chen Zhuo, Senior Researcher of CMRI, elaborated on the 5G development of China Mobile, and explained the considerations around NSA/SA evolution. He also shared details of relevant case studies, including the exciting example of 5G enabling autonomous vehicles. Mr. Wayton Wong, Manager of Mobile Service Engineering in CMl, shared details of 5G roaming progress, discussing the 5G launch roadmap and technical procedures, and the use of 5G frequency bands in China. He then presented updates on 5G network readiness and the status of the 5G handset ecosystem.

In the second section of the workshop, Mrs. Alexandra Rehak, Head of IoT Practice from Omdia, provided a comprehensive discussion of industry case studies for 5G in IoT, and shared feedback from enterprises about 5G and IoT from Omdia’s recent surveys.  Next, Mr. Cedric Gonin, VP Marketing Mobile Services from Orange International Carriers, delivered an insightful analysis on the impact of the current environment on 5G developments. He discussed some of the challenges for international carriers, as well as the potential opportunities, and also updated on IoT IPX quality of service initiatives. Finally, Mr. Charles Ridler, Principal of IoT & M2M Connectivity at Telstra, delivered an in-depth presentation on Telstra’s 5G development, focusing on the power of cellular LPWA networks and use cases for this technology, and how LPWA will evolve under and be incorporated into the 5G standard.

We are grateful to the speakers for their contributions, and proud of the positive feedback received from participants during and after the event. To deliver on the mission of the hi-H Program, we will continue to work with and support members in facing global industry challenges, and strengthen communications and cooperation on data services, mobile services, and innovative telecom technologies.


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