2017-06-27 | Shanghai

1st VoLTE Roaming Workshop Kicked off during MWCS 2017

Shanghai, 27th Jun 2017 -
The VoLTE Roaming Workshop has kicked off at Shanghai during Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC2017), focusing on the practical considerations for deploying VoLTE roaming and how to simplify the technical complexities to smooth the path to full global VoLTE deployment and interconnectivity.  The workshop is the first in the series organized by hi-H Program VoLTE Roaming Working Group and is aimed at partner companies which are already equipped with VoLTE roaming technology or those who aspire to evolve its VoLTE roaming business.

Mr. Angus Tse, Chairman of workshop, Head of Mobile Network & Application Engineering of CMI held the workshop together with co-chairman Mr. Cameron Dunn, Director of international Product & Technology of AT&T. Besides 33 representatives from 14 operators participating in the workshop in-person, 26 delegates join workshop via conference call, which ensures professional experience shared in a larger scope. Overall, 59 participants of commercial group and technical group from 14 operators join the workshop in-person and via conference call, which ensures the follow-up action can be  taken smoothly among working group members.

The VoLTE Roaming Workshop is set up to share readiness, typical issues and solution of local and international roaming service among member companies. The working group aims to accelerate the VoLTE roaming from implementation, testing to commercial service launch through the standardization of all the necessary information exchange among VoLTE roaming partners. Also, the working group is ambitious to become a leading working group in terms of launching VoLTE roaming by sharing the knowledge and expertise to explain the implications of the decisions being taken and help improve the speed and efficiency of deployments, and even drive the technological advancement for commercial needs. Apart from standardized form of information exchange, participants also proposed on preparation of VoLTE Roaming pre-test and key configuration.

By collecting and consolidating general information, network information, billing information, device information and other information, the workshop initiated to establish standardized form of information exchange to increase efficiency of processing initial work. The partner companies involved are also encouraged to share the experience of launching the VoLTE roaming and build the database to speed up the future troubleshooting process.

China Mobile and AT&T updated the latest statistic and case studies of its VoLTE roaming development in current environment. On sharing session, presenters from CMHK and CMI respectively shared their experience on billing and settlement model as well as VoLTE Roaming Test Cases Studies, which other attendees have spoken highly of.

“Last December in Guangzhou, we gathered together to announce an intention to form and tighten our partnership in mobile area. Under the framework of the partnership, this year we have followed up to host the Network Quality Enhancement Workshop and VoLTE Roaming Workshop.” said Dr. Li Feng, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of CMI and Chairman of hi-H Program.

With the goal of coordinating activities, promoting common interests and addressing issues impacting on VoLTE roaming, the workshop comes to an end after a fruitful two-hour’s discussion and sharing. All the participants gain experience by identifying examples, and raising important problems in VoLTE roaming field. Through bringing together our partners, hi-H Program will continue to provide a platform for them to explore to provide a higher quality of service quality and implementation.

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