2017-11-23 | Guangzhou

hi-H Program M2M Workshop Officially Launched at China Mobile Global Partner Conference 2017

Guangzhou, 23 Nov 2017 –
hi-H Program set up a M2M workshop during China Mobile Global Partner Conference, with the theme of “Plan for the future of M2M”. As M2M (Machine to machine) business and IoT (Internet of Things) business is combining with big data, cloud computing and other technologies, the tremendous importance and increasing impact of connectivity of devices has become unignorably.

More than 50 guests from 17 hi-H Program members participated in the exciting and informative M2M Workshop. hi-H Program is delighted to have invited two guest speakers respectively from Vodafone IOT and Telenor to share their professional insight of M2M development in global market. Four guest speakers respectively from CMI and China Mobile subsidiary companies presented M2M product management and platform in China, expanding the knowledge base of current situations of M2M development in both global and local market.

Mr. Ricky Chan, Head of Innovative Business, Mobile Business Division, CMI, analyzed the common issues operators are facing with nowadays, which includes challenges in terms of finance, strategy, operation and compliance. He highlighted that “China Mobile has announced “Big Connectivity” strategy and we have built up a dedicated terminal network and platform to support the business. As a single one-stop shop partner interface, CMI has extended our own China Mobile M2M SIM card with global access capability.”

 “China Mobile and Vodafone are driving a massive investment into NB-IoT to address customer challenges and unlock the next wave growth” reaffirmed Mr. Stephan Klink, Vodafone IoT Head of Commercial Development & Business Planning during his speech about “IoT adopters are transforming their businesses”. He underscored that IoT solutions is becoming more business critical and integrated. Meanwhile, new connectivity options will drive the next wave of IoT.

Mr. Mikael Lindholm, VP Internet of Things Asia, Telenor Digital Business delivered a presentation on “Product-as-a-Service Transformation”, providing ideas of combining M2M business and traditional product into a service based business model. He spoke highly of hi-H Program as it is a great platform to discuss cutting-edge topics. At the same time, he reminded the audience that joint prompt execution is the key to succeed.

In the second section of the workshop, Ms. Li Ruifeng from China Mobile (Hangzhou) Info introduced the eSIM Subscription Management System of China Mobile, following by Mr. He Shenyu, Operation Manager of China Mobile IoT, who demonstrated OneNET, the China Mobile IoT Open Platform to participants.

As an innovation-based business, M2M Workshop in the future would be the key to grow both revenue and impact of many industries, include but not limited to manufacturing, automotive, logistics and so on. The increasing connection number and market scale will boost IOT and M2M market dramatically.

hi-H Program strengthened strategic partnership among members by holding a workshop with cutting edge theme and inspiring thoughts. More events related to M2M topic is expected to be hold in 2018, which would be another opportunity to elevate the partnership to a higher level. hi-H Program is pleased and honored to gather the professionals and leaders of leading operators, to move our world toward a digital society in visible future.

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