CMCC 5G Corner

2022-06-06 |

China Mobile unveils pioneering achievements in 5G-Advanced dual-chain integration

On June 6, China Mobile held the 5G-Advanced Dual-Chain Innovation Industry Summit, titled “Consolidating New Capabilities for Integrated New Developments and Industry Paradigms”. During the conference, China Mobile outlined its action plans and key milestones in 5G-Advanced dual-chain integration from its perspective as chain leader. China Mobile also jointly released the “5G-Advanced New Capability and Industrial Development Whitepaper” and the first batch of end-to-end 5G-Advanced industry samples with its business partners.

In his keynote speech, China Mobile’s Vice President Gao Tongqing said that 5G, as the ‘Head of New Infrastructures’, has been the predominant driving force for digital transformation of our economy and society in the last three years. With technological advancement, 5G will consistently expand its network with different chains and industries, creating a tremendous momentum to stabilize China’s economy and maintain steady growth.

At the same time in its role of ‘chain leader’, China Mobile has supported industry partners advocating for dual-chain joint actions with 5G evolution; this has ultimately achieved outstanding outcomes guided by market demand, technology and industry over the past year. Moving forward, China Mobile will continue to fulfill its role as chain leader to support and motivate the industry, proactively exploring demands, formulating solutions and opening close collaborations, with the aim of achieving monumental milestones in 5G evolution with industry partners.

At the conference, China Mobile Research Institute published the “5G-Advanced New Capability and Industrial Development Whitepaper”, which proposes three major directions and 10 technologies for 5G-Advanced. China Mobile-led signature technology including UDD time-frequency unified duplex, X-Layer’s cross-layer network, cellular energy IoT (eIoT) and Integrated Sensing and Communication were systematically delineated from multiple aspects of scenario-based requirements, technical challenges, key solutions and product promotions. The whitepaper is the very first major publication on 5G-Advanced, in which 66 companies from the international chain jointly unpack the flow from operation, equipment, chips, terminals, applications, research institutions and vertical industries, making it the most highly participated document on 5G-Advanced technology to date.

China Mobile, Huawei and various industry representatives have jointly released the first batch of four end-to-end industry samples within the 5G-Advanced sector, marking a significant breakthrough in the iconic technology in UDD, X-layer, eIoT and Integrated Sensing and Communications. Guests from China Mobile Migu, Huawei, Qualcomm, Dahua Technology and Sense Technology units also made keynote speeches at the summit, exploring technologies
including XR and passive IoT, as well as industry development and opportunities.